Greta the Greeter

This cat was one of fifteen, left behind at a public housing project in Oakland. A caller said the cats were all starving. Volunteers started feeding all of them, and have found homes for all the tame ones, including this buff/orange girl, who was shy and scared, but very sweet. She ended up being adopted through one of our rescue partner programs, after we got her fattened up and spayed. All but three cats have been re-homed from there, in the last year. We continue to feed the remaining cats there.


e were asked to help care for abandoned cats at another housing project. We got all the cats spayed/neutered, and fed, best we could, with cooperation from the tenants. Management did not want the cats to stay, so we worked to find appropriate garden homes for all the cats. This took a long time, and we are still feeding a small number of the cats, in a different location. "Greta, the Greeter" orange and white, closest in the pic, got a wonderful backyard garden home with three other mellow but semi-feral cats, in a nearby neighborhood (see next photo below).


Greta the Greeter, in her new forever home, safe at last!