Pinky's Facebook postings

 Pinky is my latest foster kitten, he is getting to be a big boy and is very affectionate to me and housemates. Any rescues that might take this sweet boy in, he is dying to find another teen kitten to play with. I have 2 senior kitties and a senior dog that avoid him. So many of the rescues are full, he has been fully vetted and needs to be an indoor kitty. Rehoming fee.

Fabulous News, Hopalong took Pinky today into their program and he left with his favorite monkey toy. He was a little scared but Emily picked him right up and soon he will have another kitten of his age to play with him. Marlan and Charlie, my 2 senior Maine Coone kitties were getting very upset and Pinky tried desperately to play with them. Hopalong also took the very loving 4 month old male kitten from the shelter today and reunited him with his sister that i had just got fixed. Black kittens are the best.  And i will never forget Pinky.

Just got an email from Emily @ Hopalong, they give him a microchip and he will be going to a Marin Adoption Site to find a home. I miss Pinky but Marin County is a big jump from the streets of Oakland. Good Luck, Pinky

I called up the location where Pinky is in Marin County and they said that Pinky is doing well, finally getting to play with a lot of other kittens. So happy for my Pinky!!!

Great New, Pinky was adopted by a wonderful woman in Mill Valley and she is going to adopt another kitten from Hopalong to be his brother. Happy Dance for Pinky.

Update from Hopalong about Pinky's new home:
I actually did hear from Pinky’s adopter shortly after she adopted him! She emailed me saying he’s the sweetest cat she’s ever had and she’s so happy that he joined her family, it was really sweet.