Sometime, a kitty gets lucky, this kitty sure did, my neighbor knocked on my door & said that there was a kitty in her driveway that had been hit by a car. The kitty was actually starving and had grease all over her. Hungry Kitty volunteer, Ellen scooped her up & babied her until she could go to the vet. 

The kitty had been licking all that grease so Ellen gave her quite a few baths. The kitty seemed to have some neurological issues (maybe from ingesting all that grease), the vet said that the kitty didn't blink so Ellen helped with her dry eyes. 

Then, the vet did what I wish more vets were able to do, she took this kitty, home with her & wow what a difference. The kitty is gaining weight and looking great. Imagine having a vet that is willing to take you home & give great medical care. This kitty seemed to have no life and it is a miracle that she survived life on the streets of Oakland. She is a blessed kitty,  that's for sure.