Some happy updates to activities of Hungry Kitty:
Photos attached of some kitties we've recently helped.
 1) Scabies infected orange boy who appeared blind when we plucked him  from the street.  He did need an enucliation, but his other eye is fine.  He recovered from his scabies (sorry no "after" pic.  We forgot!!).  He  went to Nine Lives Foundation and was adopted. He is a very sweet  kitty.



2) The black and white kitty who was sitting forlorn on a  street corner for weeks. We saw someone was putting food out, and we fed  the kitty too, while we tried to see if there was an owner in the multi  unit building.  Nobody responded to our posts or notes, and then the  kitty disappeared. It turned out a kind woman in the next building  started feeding the kitty in her back yard, but could not take her in,  and didn't know what do.  We saw her post on Next Door. We got the kitty  from her, and took her to the Vet today. She is getting spayed,  vaccinated, flea treated etc.  She is very sweet!  We'll figure out a  good place to take her for adoption.  




3) Robin and Stella.  Robin is a  senior buff orange sweet boy.  Robin had a hard luck life, was living  at a trucking yard, which closed down. We took him, and his seven  buddies, and found safe outdoor homes for all of them in pairs, which  took about a year.  Robin ended up being returned for various reasons,  having nothing to do with him, but with the people- one person's house  was sold, one person at the recent placement had major medical, and we  also encountered someone who just changed their mind when they saw Robin  in person with his on and off goopy eyes.  He has mild herpes, which  acts up when he is stressed.  When he is relaxed, and when he gets to  sun himself, his eyes clear up.    

We placed Robin and the  beautiful sweet Stella, grey dilute tortie, who was wandering the  streets of Oakland and found a small colony that we have been trying to  close down.  The neighbors are intolerant by the mechanic's shop. There  are four black cats, there had been some fifteen, when we took the  colony over.  We trapped Stella about a month ago, got her spayed etc.,  and found her to be mellow, semi-feral. She is a good buddy to Robin  now, and they are both caged next to each other, getting adapted in  their wonderful new home- in Hayward.  


 A young couple who have always  done animal rescue, who have an old rescue dog (who likes cats), wanted  an older cat and a buddy, to live on their spread, and they wanted their  young kids to learn about them. They had an older yard cat, who was a  ringer for Stella, who died recently.     4) Vinny: Vinny is a grey  and white boy, we trapped in front of a bank of garages off of Foothill,  in the Fruitvale. Vinny helps the homeless, and rents a garage for  supplies, so we refer to the cats there as by "Vinny's garage".  This is  the first one to be named Vinny.  Vinny is a sweet semi-feral cat,  who was underweight when we trapped him a few weeks ago.  We got him  fixed, and they said he had some rotten teeth. You can see him drooling  in the pic.  He had the bad teeth extracted the other day, is doing very  well now, eating all the mushy food we can give him.  He has gained  three and a half pounds since we trapped him!    We'll find a good place  for him.  There are too many cats by that garage, and Vinny was new  there.  It is a hotbed of cats and we are busy TNRing all the time  there.