Hungry Kitty

Hungry Kitty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was founded to help feed Oakland’s stray and abandoned cats, promoting spay and neuter.

Hungry Kitty, a 501(c) 3) nonprofit was founded to help feed the neediest of Oakland’s stray and neglected cats and kittens. Our goal is to spay and neuter abandoned cats to prevent future litters of kittens from being born. We feed 150 abandoned, stray, and feral cats every day, rain or shine. Hungry Kitty volunteers also help feral cats in Oakland neighborhoods by spaying/neutering and vaccinating them. We take out tame cats and socialize feral kittens. It is a hands on small rescue group. All the cats, we feed are spayed and neutered.

Donating to Hungry Kitty helps Low Income & Seniors

feed tame, stray and feral cats every day: Many of the feeders we would like to support are in low-income neighborhoods. Donating to Hungry Kitty helps in the foster and adoption of socialized cats.  An increasing number of pet cats are being abandoned as families lose their homes because of the high cost of housing and rent. These cats are unable to fend for themselves, having learned to rely on humans for their care.

Spay/Neuter efforts: We work with other organizations, such as Fix Our Ferals and Island Cat Rescue to increase the number of spayed/neutered cats in Oakland neighborhoods. Our efforts are focused especially in low-income neighborhoods, where there are large numbers of stray and feral cats.

Please donate to help Hungry Kitty help homeless cats in Oakland.  If you would like to help our all-volunteer feeding, trap/neuter/release, or outreach efforts, please email