Bilbo & friends

Bilbo after vet visit



Bilbo is a twelve year old semi-feral cat, who was homeless for the bulk of his life.  He was shy, and lay low around other feral cats, waiting to get food where some were fed in east Oakland.  We got him neutered, etc., many years ago. 

A kind, retired woman who lives with her house-bound husband in Orinda, called looking for a couple of semi-feral cats to live in their large back yard which has chickens, large vegetable gardens, plenty of space and greenery - safe from predators.  

This woman said she was home all the time, tended the garden and chickens while spending lots of time with her husband. She said they had lots of mice and now rats, and would like some cats to help naturally keep the rodent population down, and also wanted the company.

We gave her the rundown of younger cats, as few people want to take on older cats.  We also mentioned the tux who would later be named "Bilbo".  We said he was healthy, had some bad teeth removed recently, and needed a home.  We also knew he was a good mouse and rat killer, despite his having few teeth and being older.

She ended up offering to take three cats, including Bilbo!   

At first we sent Bilbo and the black and white boy in the middle picture on this page. They knew each other and seemed like a good fit.  Then the girl, a sweet tortie-tabby mix who had been living in an area where cats were threatened, was placed later.

The boys were set up in a large cage in the barn which is adjacent to the chickens.  They were kept in their cage for three weeks, then contained in the barn for another two weeks; then the door left ajar.  All three cats have taken to the barn as their home, and they also wander the yard. They were given the names, Bilbo, Fredo and Goldenberry (the girl).   They are very happy, beloved, and well cared for. We check in and get updates on them!


Black and white boys in Orinda barn


Bilbo eating on the steps of the barn in Orinda