Wesley and Eddy


Wesley is the thin boy from 14th Ave., across from Highland Ave. He is putting on weight. Eddy was running around under cars on E.24th St., near 23rd Ave. Eddy is more feral, but is warming up to the very tame Wesley. They play and cuddle together now.  Hopefully Wesley can help Eddy learn to trust people more.

Orange male


Orange male from the Port of Oakland.  We received a call to help trap this cat who has apparently been catching rodents, and eating worker's food scraps. He is a very large healthy boy!  We think someone is sneaking cat food to him as well, though it is "not permitted".   We took him in, got him neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, and re-released to the same spot where he was trapped.

Hedy Lamarr


Hedy Lamarr, the white with brown spotted old time movie star, and Laverne and Shirley, semi feral siblings.  These three are from the same location. We think Laverne and Shirley are litter mates, and Hedy is from another litter.  Lots of cats and we are TNRing everyone we can catch, but no more kittens are around.  

Hedy is handable, has been kind of frail and underweight. We've taken her to the Vet a couple of times. She is slowly gaining weight.  Laverne and Shirley are sweet but very shy, and don't really want to be petted.  We are trying to find experienced fosters to work with them, and may pay the out of county fees to send them to Marin Humane Society, when they have available fosters. 



Three black and white kitties, trapped at a rail yard storage facility. A caring employee was feeding these three and several other cats, until she was told to stop.  Other employees have threatened the cats with poison, throw her food bowls out, and management stated their intention to hire a company to trap and remove.  

The wonderful employee advocate for the cats has of course informed everyone it is illegal as well as cruel to harm the cats, but she simply wants to get the cats out to safety.  We have been helping her.   There is only one more cat to catch.  These three are going to a safe lovely backyard home in the south bay, in about a week.  They've been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, etc.   

There are two others, a tortie and a black kitty, who are very bonded. They are going to live in a large warehouse complex in the East Bay, where they can roam through the two stories, and go outside to the good sized grassy yard with bushes.   The caretaker is a cat lover, owns the business, and will take good care of the cats.