Campaign to help Oakland street cats adoption

We are a few dedicated, longtime Oakland community cat volunteers, who network to assist abandoned, homeless, tame and feral cats.  We trap cats who are feral, as well as under-socialized tame cats, and get them to Vet clinics for spay-neuter and any other medical.  If semi-feral or feral, we return them, via "TNR", trap/neuter/release.  We work to relocate those cats who have no caretakers, when we are able to find safe outdoor placements.  We continue to feed and care for those cats we have to put back on the streets, if there are no other options and no neighborhood caretakers.   

We often come across tame cats, who likely were abandoned or just lost at some point.   They are sometimes initially fearful of people.  We work to first reunite them with any owners who are looking for them.  Most are not claimed.  

Our City of Oakland Municipal Shelter is chronically full beyond capacity.  All adoption programs in the Oakland area are full these days,  so we have a lack of options to get these tame cats adopted. 

We are doing our best to transport adoptable cats to wonderful out-of -area shelters, such as Marin Humane Society, where these tame cats will be safe, and have the best chance to be adopted.   At MHS, cats are not euthanized due to space issues, and potential adopters are well screened and mentored.  They have cat (and dog) behaviorists on

This well established shelter charges an "Out of County" surrender fee of $175 per cat. We are a non- profit, but still have to pay the fees.  We are unable to afford to send more than a small number of the cats we would like to send.   We have 30 cats in mind, at present, who  deserve to get off the streets and get adopted!  We would like to raise the money to send these cats to MHS.  We have already gotten each cat spayed-neutered, and provided any needed medical, but unfortunately we had to put these cats back outside, as no one has space to hold them.     

We would like to transport these 30 cats,  as space is available at MHS,   once we have the funds to do so.  The two cats in the cover photo are among the first we would love to send to MHS!  They are living outside an abandoned house, on a very rough street in Oakland, along with seven other cats. We feed them daily.   We've helped ten other cats and kittens from that location move on to adoption.   Both these young adults can be pet, are people-friendly and sweet.  We would love to get them moved into adoption, as they are at-risk there. 

We have lots of photos to share of the cats on our list!