Kitty 911



Nicole PiresKitty911 East County (K911)

October 24 · 

There is a kitten in this drain 12th st and Barrett in richmond can someone help 😢I’m going to leave the top off and hope he makes it out or someone can help



Kitty 911, was talking about a small kitten that was supposed to be in a hole with the cover left off last night. My boyfriend, Jeffrey drove me out to Richmond and he opened the cover and sort of hurt his finger, then a man came out and asked us what we were doing and said that the kitten had been on his porch last night and his wife and he fed the kitten, then Jeffrey pointed under the car where the brown tabby kitten was, he was really hungry so he went half way in the trap and I walked by very casually and closed the trap door. 

He is resting peacefully in my laundry room. He let me pick him up and love him a little but he is obviously upset after his ordeal, photo to follow tomorrow. So glad this kitten is off the street and out of the hole that he was in. I anticipate this kitten will tame up really quickly. My friend, Alice went out last night but at night it would have been difficult to find him. 

But, we had a little celebration tonight with Mike, Alice & me. Little Peanut had to stay at home when we went out to dinner, he was howling and hadn't eaten his two greenies but after a short walk , he is now sleeping right beside me.