This Orange Kitty was seen a few blocks away from me, eating spaghetti with tomato sauce in the middle of the street. He seemed semi-feral at the time, but the man, Monty, that was feeding him occasionally said he would run up against you. 

I called him Monty when he was in the trap right after he was vetted through Island Cat Rescue. He turned out to be a very loving kitty.   




My sister decided to foster him and then fell in love with him, here is the photo of him in her bedroom in Palo Alto. He will be a pampered pet. He needs to be an indoor kitty. My sister loves Orange Cats. She had an orange kitty for eleven years. Orange male kitties are often the friendliest most loving kitties.


Wish him well!!!

We try to make a difference in East Oakland where there are kitties just like Monty in dire need of help. 

Donate to Hungry Kitty to help kitties like Monty,

And to Island Cat Rescue for all that they do for Oakland Cats/Kittens.