Ongoing Project


Hungry Kitty Current Project…25 Colonies of Cats…Good News as our current Hungry Kitty project is the feeding, spay and neutering of 25 cat colonies in Oakland. 

Many of the cats in our current project are in industrial or low income areas of Oakland where the cats have been breeding and foraging to get a meal. We provide with the help of donations a nourishing meal, fresh water, and arrange for the cats to be spayed or neutered (over 650 cats in the past 4 1/2 years), vaccinated and given flea treatment. Some of the cats are in industrial areas where we have noticed a great deal of misery for the cats. We want to be part of the good news of Oakland and help make changes in neighborhoods that have been lacking in services for cats. We have been able to trap & place 200 stray cats in the past two and a half years. There may always be some stray and feral cats in Oakland but we want to see healthy, well fed, fixed cats.  We are feeding and altering 25 colonies of cats in Oakland. This is a timely project as cats are now in their breeding season and we are aiming for zero population growth for these cats.